CBD Products : reviews & advices to boost health and avoid scam

Nowadays we will look at a very recent and especially interesting product that has been a lot of virtual ink on the internet, but as usual it is not easy to differentiate commercial rhetoric and wacky arguments honest and thoughtful.

That’s why we’re here to help you get a clearer picture so you know what CBD oil is and if it fits your needs and expectations.

For that we will begin by defining what is CBD oil, then we will give you all the necessary information on the legality, the effects, the administration modes and on the way to obtain them by reliable and secure ways.

CBD oil: What is it? What the law says ?

First of all let’s start by defining what CBD is: its real name is Cannabidiol, it’s a cannabinoid naturally present in the cannabis flower. Unlike THC, CBD is perfectly legal because it does not deliver so-called psychotropic effects but acts on synaptic receptors that generate muscle relaxation and a feeling of relaxation.

CBD is used more for its therapeutic than recreational virtues since it delivers almost no effect “psychoactive” in the sense that they do not affect your state of consciousness. CBD causes a state of light fatigue and deep relaxation, although it is not recommended in large doses for driving, it does not deliver more narcotic effects than valerian roots.

In addition, many medicinal virtues are attributed to him which catalyze the interest around this one. I say “we lend it” because we do not have enough perspective, but some of these applications are simply miraculous; For example, when it comes to multiple sclerosis or epilepsy, CBD is more than effective. Its main assets are; its speed to relieve seizures, as well as the absence of side effects.

On the other hand, some other supposed qualities of CBD are much less observable and therefore more questionable. We will therefore try to establish a list of the few virtues that can reasonably be regarded as highly plausible given our scientific knowledge of the CBD.

Cannabis and its derivatives very often have a rather negative connotation because of all the controversy around this plant as well as its legalization. Indeed, cannabis is currently considered a soft drug in France and any type of trafficking in this drug (sale, consumption, purchase) is severely punishable by law. However, lately, a new “fashion” has emerged: that of legal cannabis. Indeed, there is a certain type of cannabis that is perfectly legal in France, it is cannabis with cannabidiol or CBD.

CBD, what is it?

CBD is an abbreviation of the chemical term cannabidiol which refers to a molecule classified as a cannabinoid. This molecule has the merit of being the second molecule derived from the most studied cannabis in the world. Indeed, it intrigues many scientists and pharmaceutical companies because of its different benefits.

Moreover, today, we find CBD in the composition of a number of drugs such as:

  • Sativex,
  • The Epidiolex,
  • The Cannador

One thing that is very important to know about the CBD molecule is that it is perfectly legal. Indeed, despite the fact that it derives from a plant as controversial as cannabis, consumption of CBD is not punishable by law. This is because all the studies conducted to date on CBD have not been able to prove any impact of CBD on human psychosis. That is, CBD has no psychotropic or additive effect unlike THC.

The concern is that today the amalgam between THC and CBD is fast while they are two separate substances and while the first is punishable by law, the second is perfectly legal. Thus, there are legal types of cannabis on sale. It is CBD-based cannabis only and has no more than 1% THC content in it.

Why consume CBD?

This question may seem odd at first sight, but it makes perfect sense. It is true that one could quickly say that since the CBD is a molecule that does not hover his consumer and has no psychoactive effect, then it would be completely useless to consume it. Except that it is quite false, because the major quality of cannabidiol is that it has significant therapeutic effects and is known to relax the one who consumes it.

While anyone can take advantage of these effects to relax from time to time, CBD is much better for relieving certain diseases or symptoms.

For example, we can quote:

  • Psychological diseases like schizophrenia.
  • Inflammations, irritation and nausea.
  • Some cancers.

CBD Oil: What are the Effects and Virtues?

CDB effects

To start with the short-term effects; CBD, unlike THC, does not deliver psychotropic effects per se. The CBD does not cause drunkenness, euphoria and excessive consumption generates a good nap. On the other hand it acts on other receptors of the brain which produce a muscular relaxation and a feeling of serenity.

CBD for Sleeping

In fact, CBD is very effective in restoring sleep without inappropriate side effects. Cannabidiol does not directly induce sleep, but provides a fertile setting for it. Unlike sleeping pills, CBD provides sleep and a natural, healthy wake-up with disconcerting efficiency.

CBD against depression

Moreover this one is a formidable anxiolytic which makes it possible to regulate the moods and to fight against the stress. Many studies have proven its effectiveness to avoid depressive phases and to allow a better emotional balance.

CBD against drug addiction

In fact, CBD is also a very good ally during weaning phases concerning different addictive substances. It helps to regulate your emotional balance while giving you appetite and fighting tense phases of anxiety and stress. Moreover, the psychological relaxation and the physical relaxation that it induces make it easier to fall asleep, which is often difficult and yet necessary in this type of case.

CBD as anti psychotic

CBD also has antipsychotic capabilities that allow it to fight against psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolarity.

CBD as anti inflammatory

CBD also has proven anti-inflammatory properties, particularly when it comes to chronic inflammation of the intestine as in the case of Crohn’s disease, where CBD proves to be very effective.
How to consume my CBD Oil?

Consume CDB to boost your health

For starters, we note that many studies have corroborated the fact that CBD is more effective when it is combined with other natural components of cannabis such as aromatic terpenes, and other phytocannabinoids such as CBC, CBG and CBN for example. Hence the interest of choosing CBD oils that have preserved these natural elements during the extraction process so that the synergy operates.

In addition, a good way to start an oil treatment is to start with a dosage of 1 milligram of CBD per kilogram of your body weight, then gradually increase to the ideal dose.

Finally, if you really do not want psychotropic effects, it is better to consume your CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) to prevent the acids in your stomachs break down CBD into THC.

This phenomenon may be useful in some cases where taking THC is not contraindicated or even recommended. The latter also appears to act in synergy with CBD and some terpenes and flavonoids.

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