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Why did I decide to launch this website to give advices about CBD ?

I spent a week under CBD

In infusion, cream, capsule, cannabidiol (CBD) comes in all forms, promising relaxation, well-being and happiness. Miracle or marketing? To find out, I put it everywhere.

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antirheumatic, anti-nausea, anti-emetic, anti-psychotic, hypnotic, sedative and anxiolytic … Since they began to take an interest in cannabidiol (CBD) in the early seventies, scientists have not stopped to give it new therapeutic qualities. This molecule extracted from cannabis, the most studied after THC, is it a kind of pharmaceutical messiah?

Hard to say, because most studies are not strong enough and the mechanism of action of the molecule, still unknown. As a result, the scientific community remains cautious and the World Health Organization (WHO) refuses to recommend CBD for medical use. What does it matter! CBD sellers take advantage of legal uncertainty to sell their goods all over Europe. To believe them, the therapeutic virtues of cannabidiol are real: some bluntly bloom cannabis leaf and caduceus on the logo of their online store.

To be clear, I asked two shops located abroad (Ireland and Switzerland) to show me their catalog. They sent me nearly 300 euros of equipment: tea, herbal tea, creams and balms, oil, bonbecs and lollipops, capsules – and even an electronic inhaler … My mission? Give my body to science and see if, as promised, the CBD will overcome my insomnia, my eternal stress, my dry skin and my body aches. Story of a week under cannabidiol.

Day 1 : my first day using CBD

Public holiday. Just out of a respectable night’s sleep, I concoct myself a cup of Darjeeling “infused with a rich cannabinoid-rich plant extract” – which I lay down with milk. Thanks to him, support the connoisseurs, the CBD passes more easily in the organization. First impression: the taste is not surprising. But just before the last sip, I feel weird: I have trouble reading on my screen, my eyes spin and skid on the lines.

I convince myself that this is only the effect of the theine, and gobbles a gelatin teddy bear enriched in CBD before leaving for the gym. Today is day. I know that cannabidiol is not supposed to have a psychotropic effect, but I’m still on my guard when doing my series … Since the CBD is supposed to promote recovery, I put the package: I increase all the charges and I make very slow movements to make me the most possible aches. I sincerely hope that it is not a legend because, now, right away, I’m serious. On the way home, totally exhausted, I try to reassure myself with the pharmacist of the district but it’s a waste of time: “I have never heard of the CBD,” she simply says. I can only count on myself. We’ll see tomorrow.

Day 2 : pro and cons of CBD on daily basis

Today, I have to work. Unusually, I fell asleep by hitting the pillow. Proof, therefore, that the CBD has some soporific virtues. By cons, the side effect is daunting: I put 45 minutes to wake up. This dreamless night made me look like a slug, my eyes are puffy and watery like the day after a big bedave party. Most importantly, my legs explode while I get dressed! Aches are such that I put two minutes to put on my socks. Fast recovery side, so it’s a failure. I make myself a tea, swallow two cubs and drag myself to the open space – painful and limp as ever.

In normal times, interacting with my colleagues is unpleasant to me. I never know what to do or what to say. Balance: I look half-hello, half-weak. By launching into this curious mission, I did not expect the slightest behavioral effect. Yet, it seems to me that the CBD aggravates my social side. Relaxed to the point of being uninhibited, I unpack to my colleagues all that passes me by the head of a pasty voice, lollipop with CBD in the mouth. Eyes brimming with embarrassment, many of them gratify me with a humiliating: “We’ll say that it’s the effect of the product. I’m so out of touch that I do not care. I want to sleep, me – not to work.

Back home, I finish my day with a good tea with CBD (milk). Then I begin my evening ritual – a Japanese vocabulary course – in a mist whose cause I can not determine. Fatigue or substance? Still, my language performance has rarely been so bad. Words that I thought I had known for weeks slipped between the hemispheres and I get angry faster and stronger than usual. That’s it, I’m tired of being stiff. I want to go down again. I want to find my full brain capabilities. I fall asleep as one plunges into a wolfhole, in a hurry to wake up with a clear mind.
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Day 3 : CBD vs steroid : understand how it works

A new foggy awakening forces me to recognize that I have forced on the doses. I decide to limit my oral consumption and focus on the “beauty routine” aspect of my week under CBD.

Dry by nature like powdered soup, I paint various creams daily. I have been using the same brands for years and, frankly, changing them to CBD substances distributed by unknown “labs” did not enchant me. At the dawn of the third day, I am forced to admit that things are going well. Big surprise, the “face cream with CBD”, excessively oily and fragrant, does its job without covering me with pimples. The lip balm seems to work more efficiently than the one I used until then. Above all, the moisturizer that had horrified me – it looked like hummus, color to texture! – impresses me: in three days, it has removed the plates that clung to my wrists for months. The pharmacist has fun looking at the pot: “There are no quantities, in pharmacy that means it’s worthless. Yet she has succeeded where steroids have failed.

Day 4 : Cannabidiol experiment in USA and Canada

I decide to try one of the two CBD balms lying on my nightstand. Expensive little pots that I have not touched yet. They are supposed to help fight “pain, inflammation, body aches”, but also anxiety, multiple sclerosis and cancer. The quizzes I did on the Internet told me that my nerve cells were fine and I have not been diagnosed with cancer yet, but I’m ready to try for the rest: after a new slow and heavy exercise session I woke up stiff from the neck to the hips.

To my surprise, the effect is obvious and immediate. My shoulders relax and I can lift my arms without the impression of tearing my armpits. I celebrate it by administering a pipette of oil to 4% CBD, slumped in front of a video game (solo, I’m an adult). Emotion, taste reminds me of the only space cake of my life (a beautiful experience). I do not feel anything by chaining headshots on NPCs but I’m hungry, really hungry.

By swallowing me in the fridge like a poltergeist, I realize that my appetite has changed since the second day: I have sudden and irrepressible cravings, I eat anything, at any time. In defiance of dietetics and good taste, I swallow a box of tuna, 350 grams of rice and a whole bottle of orange juice – at 15:30. Just satiated, I tell myself that I could spend my days eat, play sports and give me CBD. I will become a monster.

Day 5 : pharmacy, medicine and CBD – the truth exposed !

Since the first day, I have been reluctant to consume a single product CBD: capsules. By manipulating their black and silver box like a cheapos gadget, I came across a list of ingredients that I could not help but scratch in Google. To my dismay, their main ingredient, the zeolite, is an asbestos-mouthed mineral.

Frightened, I discovered that a crowd of zinzins / pioneers / desperate swallowed this trick supposed to “capture” the toxins dragging in the body to cure their diarrhea, prevent or fight cancer and even “cure” autism – which If they administer it to their toddler, and there it becomes downright scary. Of course, none of this is scientifically proven. The zeolite sellers nevertheless present it as a miracle treatment, “a sponge with disease”, “a real stone of life”. A brand even plays on the word “panacea”. The pharmacist, who had never heard of it, gave me a startled glance at the news that I had been taking it for almost a week.

By swallowing my fifth CBD-zeolite pill with a heart full of emotion, I wonder about the size of the cannabidiol market. Some studies speak of $ 2.2 billion for the United States alone by 2020. After all, has there ever been a product that speaks as much to naturopaths as to adolescents?

Day 6 : CBD ingredients and overall quality of the products

Under the pretext of ingesting CBD, I spent the last six days eating sweets every two hours. I am nauseated, but still unable to describe their taste. Herbs and quills, lollipops do not look like anything I know. After a bitter coating, the bears have a teddy bear taste. Hard candies are like sugar slightly infused with mint.

The list of ingredients in these sweets is often troubling. Some seem complete, others are simply absent or weirdly elusive. How to trust one: “Sugar, water, glucose, aroma and CBD”? Same atmosphere on the side of the CBD vaporizer ready-to-use. The ingredients of its amber “e-liquid” appear on the site that distributes it but not on the packaging.

If there was any proof that the CBD industry is still free to do just about anything that sings, it’s in these missing ingredient lists. Lawmakers and doctors do not know how to manage cannabidiol. The Ministry of Health thinks that e-liquids in the CBD “appear as legit”, but the National Drug Safety Agency has declared their purchase “totally banned”. Controls still need to be put in place. Still, for other products, it is the total blur. This is hardly reassuring when we know that there is no independent control laboratory.

Day 7 : less anxious, less insomniac, less dry … the benefits of CBD Oil

Last day, it’s time to take stock. I must admit that I feel less anxious, less insomniac, less dry and less bumpy. I am still troubled: how to be sure that the CBD is responsible for these improvements? The pharmacist told me that the balm that had so much amazed me contained lavender oil and calendula, both known for their relaxing action. Is the CBD just a brilliant label, a way to give new life to old recipes? Maybe I got carried away by the hype – and did I just take advantage of the placebo effect?

I was hoping to come out of this week with a definite opinion on the CBD. It missed. I still want to believe that something good is hidden behind fashion, that e-liquids and teddy bears, as dubious as they are, will encourage doctors and lawmakers to take a closer look at cannabis. In a few years, they may publish a study that will prove that I have not dreamed of all the effects I have felt.